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Furniture West now offers a web site design and Internet consulting and training service at special rates to members.

Designing a corporate web site and having a presence on the Internet is becoming a marketing requirement as companies position their products in the global marketplace.

Costs involved in advertising and promoting products is a costly business.  Monitoring results of specific campaigns can be costly and difficult to evaluate.  A web site, on the other hand, pinpoints the number of people who have accessed a company's site, identifies where they are from, how they reached the site and how long they stayed.

Invest in your future by taking advantage of this program.

Have any questions?  A free one hour consultation session is available to members - a great way to find out more about the Internet and the process involved in getting online.

Remember there is an added bonus - a discount is available to members if they decide to showcase their products on additional Furniture West web site pages or on their own web page(s).


The Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance
6900 Airport Road, Box 85, Suite 239 C, 
Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8 

Phone: 905-677-6561


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